§1. General

The following terms and conditions apply for all deliveries effected by receptor film orders, quotations and supplies and services. They are considered as agreed, if they are not contradicted immediately before order confirmation.

§2 Copyright Notices

1. The Customer shall fundamentally simple utilization rights for one time use.
2. Exclusive utilization rights, exclusive rights or periods must be agreed separately.
3. receptor film is entitled to use all works created in processed or unprocessed form, for promotion of its own operation without restriction and publish.
4. With the delivery of only the right to use the one-time use of the work is transferred to the purpose specified by the customer.
5. Every on paragraph 4. Any other use, utilization, duplication, distribution or publication is a fee and requires the prior written approval of receptor film.
6. Changes in works for the creation of a new copyrighted item are only permitted with prior written consent of receptor film. The works may not be copied, be recreated photographically, filmed or otherwise used as a motif.
7. The customer is not entitled to transfer the rights of use granted in whole or in part to third parties, including other group or subsidiaries.
8. Any use, reproduction or transfer of created by receptor film works can be allowed to separate, express agreement.
9. To prepare the receptor film site in external frames express written consent of receptor film is required.

§3 remuneration, retention of title

1. For the production of works of a fee as hourly rate, daily rate or package agreed and any additional costs plus VAT will be charged.
2. Unless otherwise indicated are all agreed prices in Euro excl. Of VAT. 19%.
3. Invoices are, unless otherwise agreed, payable within 10 days, unless otherwise agreed.
4. Until the full payment of the purchase price, the delivered works remain the property of the receptor film.
5. After confirmation, the client has a deposit of 30% (thirty percent) of the agreed gross price. The commencement of work by receptor film begins immediately after receiving the money.
6. If the client has given no specific instructions regarding the design of the works, as complaints regarding the image view, as well as the artistic and technical design are excluded.
7. If the customer during or after recording production changes, so he has to bear the additional costs. Receptor film retains the right to remuneration for work started.

§4 liability

1 receptor film undertakes to execute the order with the utmost care and to treat her ceded engulfing objects copies, films, displays and layouts carefully.
2. receptor film undertakes to store recorded data carefully. It is entitled, unless otherwise agreed to destroy foreign and own image files after the job.
3. receptor film undertakes to carefully and instruct agents.
4. receptor film is liable for the resistance and durability of the carrier medium only in the context of the manufacturer of the data carrier material of the warranty. It is not liable for damage caused by improper handling by the customer.
5. retouching and mounting jobs carried out exclusively by special agreement and at the risk of the client, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
6 receptor film is liable for any fault only in the case of intent and gross negligence.
7. The dispatch of films, photographs, media and templates at the expense and risk of the client, unless otherwise agreed.
8. Complaints regarding obvious defects shall be within 2 weeks after receipt of the works written by the client submits. For the preservation of the period of receipt of the complaint in receptor film applies.

§5 additional duties

1. The customer confirms that he at all, receptor film documents handed over the reproduction and distribution rights and persons portraits has the consent of the persons concerned to the publication, reproduction and distribution. Claims by third parties that are based on the breach of the obligation borne by the client.
2. The client undertakes the recording objects in time to provide and collected immediately after the recording. Holt outsourcer prompted recording objects not later than three working days from, the receptor film is entitled, if appropriate, to charge storage costs or outsource the items at the expense of the client at blocking their studio rooms. Transport and storage costs are charged to the client.
3. receptor film is obliged to treat the target objects carefully. It is liable for intent and gross negligence.

§6 service disruptions, cancellation fee

1. About Lets receptor film to the customer a number of works to choose from, the customer has to return the non-selected works within one week of receipt, at your own cost and risk. For lost or damaged plants may receptor film, as long as they is not responsible for the loss or damage, require payment.
2. Does receptor film the principal works from its archives that have not been made for the client, the client has to return the works used within four weeks after receipt by the authority. Do not send the client this works back after the warnings, receptor film may require a reservation fee. In case of loss or damage of the works may receptor film, as long as they is not responsible for the loss or damage, claim damages.
3. If the time allotted for the execution of the order time for reasons which can not be held receptor film significantly exceeded, increases the fee if a fixed price was agreed upon accordingly. If a time-based fee agreed receptor film also obtained for the waiting time to the agreed hourly or daily rate, provided that the customer can prove that receptor film no damage has occurred. With intent or negligence of the client can also make a claim for damages receptor film.
4. Delivery of works are only binding if they have been expressly confirmed by receptor film. Receptor film is liable for missed deadlines in case of intent and gross negligence.

§7 Privacy

1. By visiting the receptor film site, access information (date, time, page viewed) are saved. This data is not considered personal data, but are anonymous. They are evaluated for statistical purposes only. Disclosure to third parties for commercial or noncommercial purposes, does not take place.
2. receptor film explicitly points out that data transmission over the Internet (for example, when communicating via e-mail) security gaps and can not be completely protected against access by third parties.
3. The use of contact information for commercial purposes is not allowed unless receptor film has previously given a written consent or there is already a business relationship. Receptor film and all persons named on this website hereby object to any commercial use and disclosure of their data.
4. required to commerce, personal data of the client can be saved. Receptor film undertakes to treat all known to him as part of the order information as confidential.
5. your stored data will not be passed on to external third parties.

§8 Final Provisions

1. Place of performance for all Contracting Parties of all obligations arising from the contractual relationship is the headquarters of the receptor film.
2. The office of receptor film is the agreed jurisdiction.

Updated: January 01, 2016